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  • Property

Listed Property Development – Appraisal of strategic options - Developed a flexible property development management model which enabled the user to appraise a number of strategic options. This suite of models featured a consolidation option with top level financing as well as lower level financing options. The model had further capability to track actual costs and revenues and review the variance from the forecast amounts.

Property Fund Portfolio Management - Led a team in developing a generic property fund model capable of importing multiple property data points from ‘Circle’ and setting various funding options. The model incorporated functionality to reflect the financial impact of the fund owner’s various intentions for each property.

Property Database - Leading a team of six developers, a large scale database was constructed to help a leading insurance company manage its property portfolio. The build involved major VBA development and a vast usage of the BMG library of prebuilt database components and techniques.

Major Premiership football club evaluation model - Worked closely with a major Premiership football club, developing a financial model to determine the viability of a new stadium, set budgets for the coming seasons and evaluate the clubs ability to meet required debt repayments. The model was delivered to a number of leading financial institutions in order to assess financial viability and management of covenant agreements.

Project Opal – Property Portfolio Management - Developed a model to examine different scenarios relating our client’s property portfolio. The model incorporated functionality to reflect the financial impact of the owner’s various intentions for each property.

Project Foxtrot – Property Portfolio Management - Worked on a team developing a property portfolio financial model. The model used a combination of Excel and Access in order to maintain scenario functionality, and manage the large volumes of data.

Project Camelot – a Property MBO - Our client was considering an MBO in the Healthcare sector. We built an Excel Operational Model for this Property transaction which flowed into a financing model. The model was built with a great amount of flexibility in order to run various operational scenarios.
  • Energy Projects

Power Company acquisitions - Developed a financial model to evaluate the potential acquisition of 15+ power plants, including synergistic gains and cost savings, to support bids made by the company. The financial model became one of the key evaluation tools used by the company and its advisors in assessing individual deals and in negotiating risk and return issues with potential lenders and investors.

Acquisition of gas retail business - Developed a transaction model for the acquisition of a UK gas retail business. The model contained extensive modelling of gas prices, customer profiles and cash flow.

Greenfield power plant project in Germany - Developed a model for use in appraising a greenfield power plant project in Germany . The economics of the project depended on pipeline gas to Germany and also the impact of the renewable sector on German power prices.

Slovakia , Bulgaria and Romania nuclear plants - Developed a model for governments in Central European countries to allow them to assess the feasibility of building new nuclear power plants. Worked closely with state electricity companies to construct a financial model that matches their operational and financial parameters.

Maritza coal mine in Bulgaria (Privatisation) - Developed a financial model that encapsulated the operations of the Maritza mine (the largest coal mine in the country). The output of the model was used to appraise the merits of privatisation.

Romanian power plant project - Developed a model which was used to obtain financing for the construction of a greenfield 400MW power plant in Romania .

Nuclear benchmarking Model - Assistance in building a complex Excel/Access based benchmarking model to value a number of nuclear projects throughout the world. Significant scenario analysis was made around power prices and the Project IRR.

Project Burgundy - Using Microsoft Project, this engagement involved travel to Buenos Aires in order to assist our client in the management of the carve out of a component of a global business. This information was then consolidated together in London to help advise the business leaders of their future strategy.

  • Media & Telecoms Projects

Major telecoms restructuring project - Assisted in the build of a regional analysis model to assist the client in meeting their cash targets. Provided a suite of models to allow project team leaders to analyse their specific businesses to see where savings could be made. The financial reporting system was used for project planning and benefits tracking. Due to the large volume of data and the requirement to create a flexible reporting system, we developed the system using Microsoft Access. In addition we created a number of Excel templates that were used for data input and reporting. The system was rolled out to Europe, USA, Caribbean and Japan.

Tax Model - Assessing the tax implications of a large transaction for a Major Telecommunications Company Our client was considering the sale of a large property portfolio. We developed a very large excel tax model using VBA, to calculate the overall tax gain or loss for selling the portfolio.

Major media organisation dispute - Working closely with the management of a major media organisation on a financial investigation a large scale database model was developed. The work involved gaining a detailed understanding of systems and liability claims. The final report formed the basis of major financial negotiations.

  • Complex Solution Projects

International Banking Actuarial Reporting Tool - Created architecture for an Actuarial and Insurance model solution for a leading international bank. This solution involved integrating a 3rd party piece of software, introducing a formal Actuarial Closing Process and re-engineering local and central processes to meet the new accelerated Actuarial Closing timetable.

Option Pricing Tool - Advice was given to a market leading actuarial group for the deployment of a new Option Pricing Tool that was developed in Excel VBA. Understanding of Binomial Theory, Black Scholes and Total Shareholder Return theories were key to the underlying logic for this modelling assignment. Advice for web enabled solutions was also given.

Reverse Ratchet model - Built a complex model to illustrate shareholder returns for a catering business subject to a specific ratchet financial mechanism. The understanding of legal terminology was key to deciphering the complexities of this specific problem. The final product displayed multiple scenarios to help decide upon the final selling price for the company.

Major Aviation Company – Implementation of Hyperion - To assist our client in the implementation of Hyperion, we created a VBA update tool for a complex Excel model within a customised Citrix server environment. Following testing this fix solution was rolled out to offices throughout the world.

Monte Carlo Simulation - Involved with a team of specialists in @Risk and Crystal Ball in order to evaluate the impact of a number of independent risks associated with a several projects. @Risk was applied to both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project. A sophisticated audit process was applied to the projects to ensure that appropriate data was being analysed.

Advice for Legal Dispute - Advised and developed the statistical basis for a legal dispute. This involved the management of a large dataset in order to consolidate numbers for the statistical software ‘Stata’.

Charging Scheme Modelling - Headed up the build of a complex model to illustrate the possibilities available to the government for introducing a special charge for properties in fixed areas throughout Britain. This model includes a complex VBA front end system which incorporated numerous flexible variables for the user to input.

Bid for Major Transport Company - Built a complex spreadsheet model to enable our client to value a transport company for a bid. Based on a number of sensitive tram, bus and train contracts a suitable IRR and NPV was calculated. The client was able to flex the likelihood of maintaining these contracts, which allowed for a full scenario analysis of the bid price to be considered.

Cash Management model - Built a sophisticated cash management model to help realise the short term cash flow issues faced by a leading hotel management company. The solution included a database feed from SAP as well as a detailed excel model with a dynamic daily timeline. The monthly management reports helped management gain control of cashflows and resolve creditor and debtor issues.

Major European Football League - Built a complex Access Database that interacted with Excel in order to maintain large sets of data in a multi-user environment. The system was built using Access VBA and stipulated a set of rules for users in Excel. The final product ensured ease of data flow in a complex data environment.

  • Complex Solution Projects - Databases

Credentials Database - Developed a Lotus Notes Database to house the job credentials and CV’s for a division of a leading professional services firm. This project ensured that the data was easily accessible in a multi-user environment in both Windows 95 and 2000.

Transition Database - The transfer of assets of Andersen’s UK business to Deloitte and Touche required a vast amount of administration. An Access Database was very quickly designed and then supported over 50 simultaneous users. Security, highly advanced reporting and other features were developed. Further snapshot comparisons of data were added into the model for usage by D&T.

Project Mass - A major generic database solution was implemented for the analysis and forecasting of munitions stockpiles. Complex relationships were incorporated in order to allow the users full functionality in management of their projects. The solution allowed the client to create large scale financial savings and helped scope future monitions contract agreements.

Project Armour – Risk Management databases - Part of a small and specialised development team who created the risk management database tool for a leading professional services firm. This involved incorporating complex Anti Money Laundering regulations and in-house company rules for client identification into a piece of software for roll out to all business units. The possibilities of furthering this to a Global internet solution are being considered.

Major Premier League football club-Access reporting - Helped examine Access reports flowing from a complex management and financial database. Understanding of data flow was essential for providing critical opinion for the accuracy of the system. Database Software was also programmed in VBA to transition development work into live systems.

  • Model Reviews and Parallel Modelling

Model Reviews and Parallel Modelling - In depth experienced in reviewing and building parallel financial models built using Access, Excel and VBA, for arithmetical accuracy and logical integrity.

  • Model Training

VBA and Modelling training - Wrote and lead courses over several years for improving a dedicated team of modellers to utilise VBA in a robust fashion when faced with modelling challenges in the marketplace.