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Applying process to financial and business modelling can be specific to the individual project; however, at SavvyFM we adopt the following steps to the majority of our build projects:

  • Specification and Design

Working closely with you to assess the modelling requirements we develop the initial detailed specification for the model. Setting out this document clearly ensures that you know exactly what is being developed. If necessary the specification can change during the model build.

  • Build

SavvyFM develop your model in an iterative manner, allowing you to comment and test calculations and assumptions throughout the development. Overall the aim of the build is to achieve what is set out in the specification and ensure that you are confident in using it.

  • Testing

When SavvyFM and you are happy with the build process then we collaborate with you to test the model. This can involve checking the outputs and resolving any outstanding issues with the modelís performance. Utilising ExcelSavvy we can gain a deeper understanding of the spreadsheet development (this tool is readily available from if you would like to do your own testing).

  • Final Documentation

Once both SavvyFM and you are happy with the build and testing, a final user guide and assumption book will be provided. These documents focus on the major mechanics and assumptions made in the model. SavvyFM believe in keeping these concise and not overload the user with in-depth technical detail.

  • Final Handover

Before our final formal handover stage, SavvyFM can provide training in using the model. Ultimately SavvyFM assist you in building your model. We are always happy to discuss how you would like your model finally delivered.

  • Future Support

SavvyFM believe in establishing long-term relationships and providing quality model maintenance services and support. On many engagements we have gone on to help provide further analysis of outputs, running scenarios, and general support.